30 Years Late.....


Thirty Years Later!!!!!


When    :    July 29-31, 2011

Where   :    JAMAICA


Friday, July 29............Tour of the School   12:30pm
Friday Night, July 29...Dinner at Hotel Four Seasons (Informal)   7:00pm
Saturday,July 30.........Fun Day at Fort Clarence Beach  (Meet at Emancipation Park 8:00am)
Sunday, July 31..........Thanksgiving Service at St. Luke's Church  7:30am


Dinner at Hotel Four Seasons

We are asking that the payment of $2,500.00 per person for the dinner at Hotel Four Seasons  be made on Monday, July 25, 2011 at the following locations:

Downtown       -  Annette Francis-Barnett
                            c/o Livingston Alexander Levy
                            Air Jamaica Building
                            9th Floor, 72 Harbour Street
New Kingston -  Cecile Gibson
                               1a Sandhurst Crescent 
                               (off East Kings House Road, opposite      
                               Barbican Beach Volley Ball Field,
                               1st House on the left)
                               Between 11am - 1pm
 Of course this would not be applicable for those persons who are overseas, unless local arrangements can be made otherwise.
Please make all effort as arrangements must be finalized.
For further information please call Cecile at 876 545 8533